Student Voices for 100% Renewable Energy is a campaign aiming to build support for transitioning to 100% renewable energy statewide in Florida. Each profile showcases why student activists want Florida to commit to stop using fossil fuels in favor of clean, renewable sources of energy that will create a healthier, more sustainable future.

Student Voices is a project of Environment Florida, a non-profit organization that advocates for clean water, clean air, and open spaces.

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“Climate change is not slowing down any time soon, and Florida would be one of the states to see the most drastic effects. It is of utmost importance that we do what we can to slow the release of greenhouse gases. Solar energy is a great way to deter from the use of fossil fuels.”

Margarita Czupryn is a sophomore political science and advertising student at the University of Florida. She is a communications intern with Environment Florida.

“Florida is on the frontlines when it comes to environmental advocacy; most of our state is in low lying areas that are especially vulnerable to sea level rise. By switching to 100% [renewable energy], Florida can become the standard for sustainability that will hopefully translate to nationwide change.”

Andres Cubillos is a freshman at Florida State University, studying political science and international affairs. He is the President of Florida PIRG students at FSU a non-profit, non-partisan organization that has been working on FSU’s campus to work with students and admin to help FSU break free from plastics.

“It has been far too long since activism toward renewable energy has been engaged on a university level. Every day I see how much pollution or unhealthy methods of energy generation is being utilized on my lovely campus. I believe change needs to be made; UF and other Florida universities need to find better and safer energy alternatives. This commitment is extremely important to me as I set a life goal for myself to improve the condition of every place I visit. UF and Florida are only one step for me to reach said life goal.”

Mikhail Mikhaylov is a…

“Florida is literally ground zero for the effects of climate change in the US, with sea level rise being especially threatening to us here. When Hurricane Irma hit, many areas around where I lived were devastated, it was really eye opening. Many articles have come out saying that Tampa itself is woefully unprepared for a real hurricane, with the region being lucky to have not been hit over the last century. Rather than wasting money on band-aid solutions like sea walls, it makes more sense to beat the problem at the source, which is combatting climate change.”

Liam Summers is a senior international studies major at the University of South Florida. He is involved with Florida PIRG, working to commit USF to 100% renewable energy.

“Climate change is the most important issue we have ever had. If we do not tackle it, all other issues will not matter. Tackling it starts small, on the individual level but there is so much individuals can do. It is up to our government, local, state, and national, to make climate action the priority it is. It is imperative that Florida commits and meets the 100% renewable energy plan because it would take the step one huge step closer towards saving itself. Florida’s coastlines are amongst the most threatened due to rising sea levels and erosion. If nothing is…

“Renewable energy means that we are protecting not only our diminishing natural resources but protecting our health as well as our planet’s. It is an investment; an economic one but also an investment in ourselves and the future.”

Daniela B. Daniele is a graduate student at Florida International University obtaining her Master’s in Environmental Science. She was born in Argentina, and raised in Miami learning her love for the environment through her experiences. Daniela’s research consists of observing the Miami River and studying its history (temporal dimension) while analyzing how our ecological and social connectivity (interactions) have changed in the lateral, vertical, and longitudinal dimensions.

“Renewable energy is, quite literally, what my entire future is hinging on. I plan on working with renewable energy sources throughout my career, and as an activist, I will be working to encourage companies and governments to adopt carbon mitigation plans and commitments to 100% renewable energy. It’s important for my current family and for my future family. I am part of the generation that will be affected most by continued usage of fossil fuels, and it had to stop 30 years ago. We are well overdue.”

Danilo de-la-Torre is an electrical engineering major at FIU. He was born in…

“Renewable energy is important to me because it offers a chance for us to consume energy in a sustainable way, especially for the sake of the environment. If we keep living the way we do, consuming resources the way we do, we will be facing the consequences. We already have been. We have a responsibility to protect our home and to start these practices of implementing renewable energy now to slow the degradation of the environment for ourselves, future generations and just for the simple sake of the environment.”

Ana Aguila, a senior at Florida International University, is majoring in Biological Sciences aiming to attend medical school. She’s a Cuban-American from Hialeah, Florida, and has been involved in outreach programs since high school to provide disadvantaged students an opportunity to learn about health and sciences.

“Renewable energy is important to me because it’s recently something that I learned about. Until I came to college, renewable energy was not something I really learned about. I want more people to learn about renewable energy and how it will help us sustain our growing population on a changing planet. If we do not make a change to renewable energy, there will not be much of a future. Burning coal and fossil fuels are really bad for our environment and renewable energy is a great alternative.”

Cat Smith is a freshman at the University of Florida hailing from Cape Coral, Florida. She started as a psychology major but has transitioned to nursing hoping to help the greater good. In high school, she volunteered for a children’s hospital and her mom worked in healthcare, so she’s always wanted to help others.

Student Voices for 100% Renewable Energy

Student Voices for 100% Renewable Energy is an Environment Florida campaign to build support for renewable energy at the statewide level.

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